About Me

There is no time like the present….I’ve been saying that for at least 6 months now. I hesitated because I wasn’t sure if we were at the middle or if we were at the end.  I realize now that it didn’t matter where we were because September 29, 2012 marks the 1 year point that we were diagnosed with cancer….well, my husband Joe was.  The initial stage was set at Stage III until we saw the specialist two weeks later who set us straight and put us at Stage IV.  Allow me to introduce myself, I am Debbie Pertusati and I am living a cancer life because I am the cancer wife. Almost sounds as if I am sharing at a 12 step program. I wish! With the way statistics are rising with people afflicted with this DIS-ease; I know that almost anyone who happens to come across this has in some way been in touch with cancer whether it be themselves or someone they know. This is our story, how we’ve dealt with it; our ups, our downs, our hopes and fears, spirituality, insurance, doctors, nurses….everything. I hope you will be touched by us in some way to know that there is always hope so DON’T GIVE UP! EVER!! We haven’t and we won’t until our last breath. So please, grab a seat and welcome to our journey.

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